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The Two Sisters of Tiger Leaping Gorge


There are two famous snow mountains at Tiger Leaping Gorge. They are like sisters the local people told me, there’s a story about them they said.

We began our walk from Qiaotou, then finished this trip taking the Old Ferry, across the river to Daju. It was the evening before the Chinese Spring Festival, so people charged double the price to cross the river so we refused and we wanted to go to the other ferry. Then we met people who lived near the Haba Snow Mountain, the son of the family, we went with him to live with his family for three days and climbed the mountain, and the next day we visited Baishuitai, Then we got the old ferry to Daju and returned to Lijiang.

  • Best thing about this walk – coming here makes you think deeply about your life and your job.
  • No “worst” thing – it is perfect in my memory!
  • Other memorable things – there were no man-made steps, and the people are very friendly, wherever you are from.
  • Warnings – if staying with a local family, agree the price first, and there could be bed bugs!
  • Watch out for overcharging on the ferries especially at festival time
  • Take a torch and batteries if walking the gorge in the winter – you may have to find your way in the dark.

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Contributed by: Gong Ying

Resting in the sun above the gorge

Key Facts

Location Yunnan, China
When it was walked January 2004
Walk type High hills and mountains
Difficulty Requires mountaineering skills and lots of stamina
Distance approx About 40 km
Height climbed approx 2000 m (6500 ft)
Time taken approx 7 days
Map used if any Sketch map
Getting there Bus from Lijiang to Qiaotou
Places to stay Several guest houses and a private home