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New Zealand Wars - Highway One South



The European settlers made war on the indigenous population to secure more land.  A walk along the main North-South Highway ( Highway One ) closely follows the British Army's route and the main areas where the Maori made a stand.  Along the route are numerous mile markers and magnificent Maori fortifications.  While it is a busy highway it is an interesting walk taking anything from 5 to 10 days.  Auckland to Hamilton is 127 kilometers.

  • Best bit: Climbing the farmland to discover where cannons were sited to bombard the Maori fortifications.
  • Worst bit: Lack of clean rivers to drink from
  • Scariest Bit: The semi trailers (large lorries screaming along at high speed).

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Contributed by:  Ivan


Key Facts

Location Auckland to Hamilton
When it was walked Autumn 1999
Walk type City and town walks
Difficulty requires a reasonably good level of fitness and strong footwear
Distance approx 127 km
Time taken approx 5 days
Map used if any Historical map showing battle sites
Source of info on walk Library
Getting there  
Places to stay Tent. Motels available for the soft asses
Places to eat/ buy food carry and cook or buy
Any other local attractions or facilities The countryside, the wild broad Waikato river.