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About Walking Stories

What is Walking Stories?

Walking Stories is a website where people can share their walking experiences with each other, and learn about new places. It's a virtual campfire or water cooler, where you can swap advice, anecdotes, and amusing events. It's a community in the making, for people who find pleasure and build friendships through walking.  Read more about who it's for

Starting out with a Scottish perspective and a collection of Japanese walks, it is now attracting contributions from every continent.

How often have you arrived at a new destination and thought that there must be some good hiking nearby, but didn't know where to begin? Or maybe you've discovered a hidden route that you'd be happy to share with others. This site will expand to cover many holiday destinations and major cities around the globe.

What's different about this site?

  • The site combines two key elements of the human experience – walking and storytelling.
  • It DOESN'T try to provide detailed routes – but helps you to find these.
  • It brings together stories by walkers, for walkers.
  • It's not restricted to the hardy mountaineers, or long distance trekkers – but both will find company here
  • It covers everything from short walks in town centres and country parks, to ambitious alpine hikes.
  • It will carry a growing range of services and benefits for members.
  • It aims to support conservation activity benefiting wildlife, walkers and local communities.
Picture of the Great Buddha at Kamakura, Japan
The Great Buddha at Kamakura, Japan

The success of the site depends on YOU

Help shape the site by contributing your favourite walking stories and photos, posting questions, and offering hints and tips to others. Tell us how the site could be improved.

Everyone's experiences and ideas are welcome. You – and your family – can become a visible part of the site if you wish, and see your stories published. And there's even a corner for younger walkers to swap their best (and worst) walking moments.

Who set it up and why?

The idea for the site emerged during a holiday in Japan in July 2003, where Andrew Llanwarne and his daughter Catriona discoverd some great walks. They thought it would be good to share their experiences with others. Read more. That's why the biggest collection of walks when the site was launched is from that holiday in Japan.