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Cielo (1508m), Sierra de Almijara, near Nerja, Spain


This a particularly significant walk for the development of Walking Stories – as well as being a great hike in itself. Two people I spoke to about the idea of  Walking Stories had also climbed Cielo, and this helped them to understand the idea behind the website.  It's a good example of the kind of hiking you can enjoy from a typical Mediterranean holiday resort.  There are other good routes in the area, if you can find them!

  • The most memorable aspect was the dream-like view over a sea of clouds from the summit of Cielo
  • The other best moment was going for a swim after the walk!
  • The worst part of the walk, was finding a route through the thorny scrub
  • A word of warning – take twice as much water as you would normally need on a day's hike.

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Contributed by: Andrew Llanwarne


Summit of Cielo

Summit of Cielo

Key Facts

Location of walk Near Nerja, Andalucia, Spain
When it was walked July 1994
Walk type High hills and mountains
Difficulty Requires mountaineering skills and moderate stamina
Distance approx 10 miles (16 km) rough estimate
Time taken approx 6 hours
Map used if any WH Smiffs in Nerja stock a printed map showing contours but only a few routes, at 1:75,000.
Source of info on walk An indication that there should be route, on this map  
Getting there Thomsons package holiday to Nerja. 
Places to stay El Capistrano holiday village - lots of hotels and other places to stay in Nerja
Places to eat/ buy food

Shops, cafes etc in Nerja