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Commercial Policy

Walking Stories has a positive approach to working with businesses which offer products and services for walkers.  Like walkers supporting projects to improve the environment, this is another win-win situation. Maybe even a win-win-win situation. Walkers get access to a wider range of the latest offers, businesses find new customers, and Walking Stories provides a more complete service whilst generating necessary revenue.


We do not actively endorse products advertised on the site, but we will only actively seek advertising which appears relevant to our members.


We are particularly keen to identify and promote accommodation, transport, shops and catering businesses located close to walks which are featured on the site, and encourage our members to pass on details of them when submitting a story. We will include hiking holidays and equipment suppliers.

There are several areas of commercial activity planned for the site, and the first three of these will be covered in more detail on separate pages:

picture of hotel in Normandy, France

Hotel in Normandy, France


High resolution versions of most photos used in Walking Stories are available for commercial or personal use.

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