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Ethical Principles

"On a hill it is possible to sense the unity and continuity of life, a rhythm that sends men and worlds on their way. Life and death no longer seem isolated events, but a part of some pattern woven on the looms of eternity......

Go out alone on the hills and listen. You will hear much. The winds will hold for you something more than sound; the stream will not be merely the babbling of hurrying water. The trees and flowers are not so separate from you as they are at other times, but very near; the same substances, the same rhythm, the same song binds you to them. Alone amidst Nature, a man learns to be one with all and all with one." 

From "The Mountain Top" by Frank S Smythe , The St Hugh's Press, London, 1947.  Found amongst my mother's books in 2002.  Andrew Llanwarne.

Walkers generally have a keen appreciation of the environment – it’s one of the reasons why we enjoy walking.  Unless we take care of the natural and build environment, we will find the quality of walking diminish for ourselves and future generations.  And we need healthy rural communities just as much as diverse ecosystems to maintain the quality of the rural environment.  Spending by walkers can help to sustain local businesses.


Therefore, a website for a community of walkers should take a strong proactive position in supporting sustainable development – recognising that the needs of people and the environment are bound up together.


Walking Stories will promote awareness and action in a number of ways.


Once we begin to generate revenues, we will commit 25% of our profits before tax to charities and charitable projects that reflect this commitment.  Discussions will be held with several charities, and members will also be able to nominate organisations and projects deserving support through the Members' Forum.


This policy will be reviewed annually, but the allocation of 25% of profits to charities is guaranteed not to be reduced.  The bulk of profits will have to be devoted initially to development of the site, but if it develops as planned, it is hoped that charitable contributions can be increased.


In addition, Walking Stories will publicise walking-related projects that benefit the environment and local communities.  Members are encouraged to pass on details of these via the Members’ Forum.  As membership increases, the Walking Stories community could gain increasing influence to press for necessary conservation work.

picture of misty trees from Kurodake in Hokkaido, Japan

Two pictures from Kurodake in Daisetsuzan National Park, Hokkaido, Japan

picture of tiny flowers from Kurodake in Hokkaido, Japan