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5 walks on the Isle of Man

First England story posted

See the original Cielo story 

(Nerja, Spain)  



Europe includes the wonderful Alpine mountains that extend into at least 7 different countries and have attracted walkers for decades. The Sierra Nevada and the Scandinavian mountains are at opposite corners of the continent.  In between there are many other great places for hillwalks and cross-country hiking. 

The cities and towns of Europe also provide a wide variety of opportunities for easier walks, exploring historic sites and diverse cultural areas. Based in a city, you can often combine the best of urban sightseeing and country walks. Scotland is an outstanding place to visit for walks of all types.

We are only starting to gather some examples from a few countries here, and have supplemented this with links to stories in other publications - please send us your stories to add to the collection.

Tromso, Norway

Tromso, Norway

(background story on Midnight Sun Marathon posted

along with 3 walking stories in and around this Arctic city)