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Feedback received

Comments received so far on Walking Stories have been very positive, but there hasn't been much written feedback or suggestions yet. 

What do you think about the site?  Do let us know.


From: Anne

Sent: 29 September 2005 

To: Andrew Llanwarne

Subject: A Lunchtime Lift

Andrew > >

Here I am  with a 1pm meeting pending and I decided I would like to take a few minutes out...so I looked at the various sites I had in my favourites (at work of course) and your Walking Stories leaped out at me. Can I just say that I am thoroughly uplifted by reading your running through San Francisco story. I guess you are probably there right now (or were there recently when you read this).  Thanks Andrew - it was fab and brought back loads of happy memories and also made me think how much I would like to go back on famille...though you did not mention the seals down at 49th Quay 9or wharf (- cannot remember...mind you it was a very commercial shopping touristy place so you probably did not go there ) which my kids would enjoy! > >

No more BBC news surfing at lunchtime for me...I will just follow you across the world >

Thanks > Anne > >

From: Carol

Sent: 17 October 2005 

To: Andrew Llanwarne

Subject: Kefalonia bike

Perhaps the bike was too modern. On Tinos donkeys were still a key form of transport, especially in the narrow, steep and stepped village streets. Read Captain Corelli then? My Greek relatives hate the book because it paintes the Andantes (communist party) in such a brutal light.  I've alerted ~ to your web site - it's soooo useful!

Cheers Carol


From: Craig 

To: Andrew Llanwarne

Sent: 12/15/2005 

Subject: Walkingstories


What a great site!  Had a quick read through the Tiger Leaping Gorge story.  I really regretted not being able to it at the time - we waited 5 days but the rain didn't cease!.  However we were lucky to do our hanging about in Lijiang - we had a great hotel - the Old Town Inn (?) with plenty of like minded souls to hang out with - and some great 'hotpot' restaurants, Naxi orchestra, Dr Ho... brings back the memories.

Ah well - next time we'll do TLG!!


San Francisco

San Francisco

Bike in Kefalonia

Tiger Leaping Gorge

Tiger Leaping Gorge