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Kefalonia walks



Greece is one of Europe's favourite holiday countries, not surprisingly considering the wonderful mountains, islands, and cultural heritage. Sounds a bit like Scotland at first, but Greece has the advantage of more warm sunny weather.  This can make it tough for walking in the height of the summer, but it's a great place to go in spring or autumn when the weather's still warm and it's less busy.  Hiking in Greece becomes a real pleasure.  There are numerous routes to follow, although they aren't always easy to find, and you can end up on some wild goat track!

Work has just finished (November 2005) on a collection of five walks from the beautiful Ionian Island of Kefalonia. There's a lot of useful background information on walking holidays on one of the lesser-known Greek islands.

There's a link to a couple of excellent articles from the more isolated region of Epirus on the north-western border with Albania. This is a great area for hiking away from the crowds and longer treks. We will add photos for this region later.

We plan to add walking routes and pictures from the popular islands of Crete, Rhodes and Zakynthos when time permits!

Now (March 2006), my sister has recommended a site setting out a walk around the coast of Crete, crete-in-50-days.com. It was undertaken in 2005 by Ivan van Driessche from Belgium in support of the Cretan Animal Welfare Group, and the website describes all 50 stages of the walk. 

Sparkling seawater in Eastern Crete

Eastern Crete