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Public Health Pioneer Trail, Glasgow, Scotland


The walk takes you through a century or more of pubic health in the city of Glasgow, starting by the Cathedral and ending up by the River Clyde.  It has been developed by the Centre for Population Health as part of its programme to highlight health action in the city.

  • Thought provoking walk which has guidebook available free from the Centre for Population Health
  • Bullet holes in the old prison wall remind us of the city's violent past
  • City Improvement Trust houses built in the 19th century remind us of attempts to improve health and well being in the city in previous times

The walk takes you from the Cathedral to the River Clyde and along the way highlights buildings with a particular health interest from the past, from the graveyard at the Cathedral to Duke Street Prison and the City Improvement Trust and provides a powerful reminder of the enormous efforts which have gone into the improvement of health.

Summary contributed by:  Andrew Lyon, October 2005

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(work in progress)

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Group of tourists at Glasgow Cathedral

Group of tourists at Glasgow Cathedral - the start of the Trail

Key Facts

Location Glasgow High Street, Scotland
When it was walked October 2005 / June 2006
Walk type City and town walks
Difficulty Suitable for anyone who enjoys an easy walk
Distance approx 1.5 miles / 2 km
Time taken approx 1.5 hours
Source of info on walk Free guidebook from Glasgow Centre for Population Health