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What is Walking Stories?

It's a site where people like you can share hiking experiences and learn about new places to hike. It's a new community for anyone who enjoys hiking, on trails of any distance and difficulty, anywhere in the world.

Hiking is the most popular outdoor leisure activity. But how often have you arrived in a new area and wondered where you could go hiking? Or come home after a great hike and wanted to share the route with others?

Walking Stories is for you!

  • Anyone can read the stories of the hikes
  • Anyone who becomes a Member can post a new Story
  • And for the first few months as the site develops, membership is FREE!

You'll find stories of mountain hikes, countryside trails, and strolls through the towns and cities. We've launched the site with exciting hikes from Japan and China, Scotland, San Francisco and Tromsø.  There's new material on Greece and Dundee.  Now others are adding hiking stories - YOU could see your stories published on the web! 

There's a Web Site Story page telling you the latest additions to the site, and saving you having to search around.  Or you can check everything that's there on the site map.

Off the Beaten Track is another new section, with historic and literary walking stories, and other thought-provoking material.

Andrew Llanwarne and his daughter Catriona, founders of Walking Stories, in Japan

Andrew and Catriona, founders of Walking Stories, in Japan

We will publish impressive photos from around the world - how would you like to see your best hiking shots on the web? (Bill Cook has submitted some of his from the Himalayas, the Sahara, and Kilimanjaro, and Michael Gale from Peru).

Walking Stories is a new and expanding site launched in March 2005.  We're adding new hikes just now, and will be improving the design as soon as we can.

Please make use of the site, contribute new routes, and tell us what you think. E-mail stories@walkingstories.com