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Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and Museum, Japan


This short walk around a city park and museum on a hot sunny afternoon was a very moving and memorable experience.  It is a location which carries enormous symbolism for people from around the world, and the features of the park and displays in the museum conveyed the full meaning of the location and the weight of history.


  • I will remember most the models of this area of the city before and after the bomb fell
  • The best bit was to see people getting on with their lives in a prosperous and busy city
  • The worst bits were the terrible stories and images in the museum.
  • I didn’t expect to find the park and riverside so attractive.
  • This is a place of such world-wide significance and poignancy, that it really ought to be a part of anyone’s visit to Japan.


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Contributed by: Andrew Llanwarne

A-bomb dome and modern city of Hiroshima

A-bomb Dome and modern city of Hiroshima

Key Facts

Location Hiroshima, southern Honshu
When it was walked July 2003
Walk type City and town walks
Difficulty Suitable for anyone who enjoys an easy walk
Distance approx 2 km / 1 mile
Height climbed approx -
Time taken approx 3 hours (more time could be taken)
Map used if any Free leaflet from tourist office
Source of info on walk Lonely Planet Guide and free leaflet from tourist office at main station or in park
Getting there Tram from station to A-bomb dome, 15 mins journey
Places to stay Wide choice of places to stay
Places to eat/ buy food Plenty of places to eat around the station
Any other local attractions or facilities Hiroshima is a dynamic modern Japanese city worth exploring if you have time