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Holidays and Travel

One of the services we plan to include later in 2005 is information on some of the walking holidays available, together with a range of travel operators.

We want to include your stories about walking holidays which you have enjoyed.

Just tell us about the trip, for example:

  • where and when you went
  • which company it was with
  • the type of countryside and hiking involved
  • what you particularly enjoyed about it
  • what your most memorable experiences were
  • any words of advice for others taking the same or similar holiday (e.g. the level of fitness required).

First sign up as a member, then e-mail us your story, together with any photos, and stories of individual walks.

But please note - this site is not to be used to get your own back against a holiday operator, if you had an unsatisfactory holiday - you should direct your complaints to the company concerned!

Walking around Knossos on Crete with a guide

Walking around Knossos on Crete with a guide - not a very demanding walk, but hard going with the crowds in the sunshine!