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Isle of Man walks appear at last!


Isle of Man - somewhere between England and Ireland

We went to the Isle of Man for a family holiday in July 2005, and found some good walking routes while we were there.  Although the highest point is Snaefell (621m) and there are other hills with tracks across them, many of the best hiking trails seemed to be along sections of the coast, and in the Glens that run down to it.  We enjoyed several easy walks, but didn’t attempt any longer hikes across the higher hills.


The walks in the Glens are well signposted and have good paths.  The clifftop walks from Port Erin in the south-west corner and from Peel were also easy to follow, but a bit more strenuous.


  • The most memorable highlight was the clifftop walks from Port Erin
  • The best bit was seeing the seals at the end of that walk
  • The other thing that was special was the old trains linking up the glen walks and the towns
  • I had never seen so many wild flowers before – lots of shades of purple!

Links to walking stories on the Isle of Man:

Peel Castle and clifftop - about 3 miles (5 km)

Port Erin to Bradda Head tower - about 3 miles (5 km)

Port Erin clifftop walk - about 2.5 miles (4 km)

Ballaglass Glen and Dhoon Glen - 2 short walks each about 1.5 miles (2 km) plus descriptions of other Glens

Marown and St Marks old churches (longer route - about 10 miles / 16 km, 4 hours' walk)

We didn’t climb Snaefell on foot, so it would be good if anyone else who has climbed it could send in a story to this website.


More background on the island >, including information on long distance routes and other walking options from the tourist guidebook, and some comments on "climbing" Snaefell.

Mount Murray Hotel where we stayed - see the Marown & St Mark's walk.



Contributed by: Andrew Llanwarne - April 2006


Walking down into Peel after a clifftop walk

Walking down into Peel after a clifftop walk

Colourful flowers on another clifftop walk, from Port Erin

Colourful flowers on another clifftop walk, from Port Erin, with Bradda Head in the distance