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Kefalonia walking holiday, Ionian Islands, Greece

This section of the site features five walks and excursions which provide snapshots of Kefalonia. It's one of the lesser known of the Greek islands recently made more famous by the film “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” and speculation over the site of Homer's mythical Ithaca. 

Links to the walks are provided below, followed by an introduction based on just a week’s holiday and a limited amount of hiking.  There are clearly great opportunities for hikes if you know where the routes are, although sailing seems to be a more popular activity currently!  


Walks and excursions:


There are no walks from the southern end of the island yet, nor any hikes up in the mountains themselves – contributions from anyone who has walked there would be welcome.

These walks feature the extensive use of panoramic photos for the first time on the site - thanks to Canon Photo-Stitch!  This is what I've wanted for years - no more sticking a series of prints together with Sellotape!



Contributed by Andrew Llanwarne


View towards Agios Giorgios Castle

View towards Agios Georgios Castle from the Mycenean tombs

Key Facts

Location Kefalonia, Ionian Islands, north-west Greece - south of Corfu, north of Zakynthos
When it was visited Early October 2005
Walk types All types of routes are available including high hills and mountains - walks covered so far are countryside and easy hill walks.
Difficulty Routes suitable for all standards of walker
Time taken approx from 1-3 hours
Source of information for walking (esp Sami walk) Landmark Visitors Guide to Kefalonia - Brian & Eileen Anderson, ISBN 1-84306-176-7, 2005
Map used if any

Freytag & Berndt Cefalonia 1:50,000 map

TC Travel Map Kefalonia & Ithaka 1:80,000 map

Myrtos Beach - the best-known view of Kefalonia

Myrtos Beach - the best-known view of Kefalonia