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Lady Mary's Walk, Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland



A short walk along a good track beside the river Earn and back to Crieff via an ancient drove road.  We enjoyed it during a long weekend family stay at Crieff Hydro Hotel, and managed to fit it in between a late leisurely lunch and our evening meal.


The route is suitable for wheelchairs and pushchairs if the first uneven section is avoided by starting and finishing on the Laggan Road.


  • I’ll remember most that this was a perfect circuit for an easy afternoon walk
  • On a warm sunny day there was plenty of shade
  • The best bit was the sunlight sparkling off the water
  • The trickiest bit was working out how the stony first section could be avoided by wheelchairs
  • We hadn’t expected to see the series of individually hand-crafted benches with messages carved into them




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Contributed by:  Andrew Llanwarne - August 2006

Walking through pools of sunlight along Lady Mary's Walk at Crieff

Walking through pools of sunlight along Lady Mary's Walk at Crieff

Key Facts

Location West from Crieff, Perthshire
When it was walked 17 July 2006
Walk type countryside and easy hills
Difficulty suitable for anyone who enjoys an easy walk, with no significant climbs
Distance approx 3.5 miles (5.5 km) 
Height climbed approx negligible
Time taken approx 2 hours at a leisurely pace
Map used if any Map in the Crieff Walks leaflet
Source of info on walk Crieff Walks leaflet, Bob Bennett Walks for Wheelchair Users, both from Tourist Information Centre
Getting there

By car from Dundee, around an hour

Easily accessed from Glasgow, Stirling, Perth and Edinburgh areas

Places to stay Lots of choice In Crieff and Strathearn
Places to eat/ buy food Shops, restaurants and hotels in Crieff
Any other local attractions or facilities Taylor Park for picnics and play, Glenturret Distillery, Crieff craft centres