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Mount Tamalpais ("Mount Tam") and Muir Woods, San Francisco, California, USA


A great autumn day out from San Francisco, taking a couple of buses up to Muir Woods, being amazed by the Giant Redwoods, before climbing nearby Mt Tam, enjoying a sweeping view over the Bay area, and seeing the sun set over the Pacific on the way down.  The map identifies numerous trails around the area, extending down to the Marin Headlands.


  • I remember those giant trees in Muir Woods, and chatting to people in the sunshine on the top of the East Peak with the Bay and city laid out below.
  • The best bit was the sunset
  • A word of warning would be to check the bus times carefully – the tourist bus only ran at weekends, and I think I caught the last one back.

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San Francisco intro page

Mount Diablo

Contributed by:  Andrew Llanwarne


Links including more public transport information:

Mt Tamalpais – California State Parks - http://www.parks.ca.gov/default.asp?page_id=471

Muir Woods National Monument http://www.nps.gov/muwo/directions/


Route 10 from San Francisco (7th & Market) weekend & holiday service every hour at around 44 mins past the hour from 7.44 a.m., takes 40 mins to Marin City.

Connect with Route 63, Marin County Local Service to Stinson Beach, weekends and holidays from Marin City (Donahue and Terners)

Go to http://goldengatetransit.org/schedules/pages/bus-schedules.html

Last bus from Tam Junction 6.52 pm gets into Marin City 6.59

Weekday “West Marin Stagecoach” service  - details at http://www.marin-stagecoach.org/


Trail Maps of the Golden Gate National Recreational Area at http://www.nps.gov/goga/maps.htm





View from the summit of Mount Tamalpais

View NE over the Bay from the summit of Mount Tamalpais

Key Facts

Location 10 miles north of San Francisco on the Marin peninsula
When it was walked 2 November 1997
Walk type Countryside and easy hills
Difficulty Suitable for anyone of reasonable fitness
Distance approx 9 miles approx
Height climbed approx About 2500 ft
Time taken approx 6 hrs approx
Map used if any

A Ramblers’ Guide to the Trails of Mt Tamalpais – The Olmsted & Bros Map Co, Berkeley, CA 94705

Scale 1:28,575

Source of info on walk

The Map showed the trails in enough detail.

Getting there Regular bus from San Francisco to Marin City, then weekend tourist bus to Muir Woods (destination Stinson Beach). Also now a West Marin Stagecoach service on this route, weekdays (see Links opposite)
Places to stay I was staying in Berkeley - but there are plenty of places to stay in San Francisco itself, and towns around the bay such as Sausalito.
Places to eat/ buy food San Francisco, Marin City
Any other local attractions or facilities To get there, you go over the awesome Golden Gate bridge