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A contrasting walk on Ben Cleuch took place the following day.


Make Poverty History March, Edinburgh, Scotland - 2 July 2005


This isn’t a walk that can be repeated by others, but it was a memorable event which visitors to Walking Stories might be interested to read about. I went along with my son Owen and his friend Pete, and we soaked up the atmosphere and the messages floating among the crowds in the Meadows before joining the march around the city centre.  There were around a quarter of a million people taking part, in a seemingly endless procession through the city streets with countless banners, to the sound of samba drums.

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The March was held to try to persuade the political leaders meeting in the G8 Summit to take some real action to alleviate poverty, particularly in Africa.

The main messages of the Make Poverty History campaign are:

  • Trade Justice
  • Drop the Debt
  • More and Better Aid

It is an international campaign supported by millions of people. To find out more about the campaign, go to the Make Poverty History website.


Contributed by:  Andrew Llanwarne

The March moving along the Mound towards Princes Street

The March moving along the Mound towards Princes Street

Key Facts

Location The Meadows, Edinburgh
When it was walked 2 July 2005
Walk type Town and city walks
Difficulty Suitable for anyone who enjoys a peaceful demonstration
Distance approx 2 miles / 3 km
Time taken approx 90 minutes
Map used if any In the newspaper
Source of info on walk Friends of the Earth (Scotland)
Getting there Crowded train from Dundee
Any other local attractions or facilities The Royal Mile, Edinburgh Castle