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Fourth China walk added

Japan walks completed


Walking News

This area of the site provides the latest news on walking developments around the world.  As this becomes old news, it will be moved to a news archive.

The first collection of news summaries, mostly from February and March 2005, have now been posted.  Another collection will be posted shortly.

There's also a link to a new page covering walking events - the first event featured is the Cowalfest in Argyll, Scotland.

Send us news stories!

You can help alert us to hiking news and events in your country or region - send a summary and a link to the story on a news website, to stories@walkingstories.com

There is now a page covering the latest developments to the site itself.  Go here to check for all the latest developments, without having to search throughout the ever-expanding site.

NB: We've just been making a few changes to the template, and this has disrupted the size of the nagivation links (as on the left here) -we're having a bit of trouble fixing this, so apologies for the inconsistent look of some of the pages.


Fascinated by the news in Leshan, China

Fascinated by the news in Leshan, China

Keeping up with the news on a Normandy beach

Keeping up with the news on a Normandy beach