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Jugglers' walk through Perth, Scotland - 2 April 2005

This is the first Kids' Walking Story to be posted to the site - the first of many, we hope.


A relaxing spring afternoon in the Fair City of Perth, following a procession of jugglers and watching them perform in St John's Square. The British Juggling Convention was taking place in the city over the weekend.

Frances says:

  • The thing I remember most was watching the competitions in the square
  • The worst bit - it was quite a long walk!
  • The funniest bit was the people with sticks on their chins spinning a ball and trying to juggle at the same time
  • A word of warning is to watch out for a falling unicyclist if you're sitting in the front row!
  • I was surprised by was the little boy who was on one of the unicycles in the parade


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Contributed by: Frances Llanwarne



Juggling on a unicycle along the riverbank

Juggling on a unicycle along the riverbank

Key Facts

Location Centre of Perth, Scotland
When it was walked 2 April 2005
Walk type Town and city centre
Difficulty Suitable for anyone who enjoys an easy walk, especially kids
Distance approx 3 miles (5 km) approx
Time taken approx  2 hrs 30 mins (including the show)
Map used if any None
Source of info on walk Already known  
Getting there Car from Dundee.  Served by train and bus services.  
Places to stay Lots of hotels and guest houses in Perth
Places to eat/ buy food

Shops & cafes in Perth - people sitting out in the street at cafes around St John's Square