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Every Picture Tells a Story
These days it is easy to capture and share images from our walks, using digital photography.  But despite the technical changes, photographs can still convey the same deep feelings and impact that they have always done.

They may or may not be great photos, but often they represent a significant moment in our lives. When we are out walking, they can capture a wonderful view or an amusing moment in a purely visual sense.  They may also conjure up memories of the walk, the time in our lives, the people we were with or the thoughts that were going through our heads.

Sometimes we will be happy to share this with others - the picture is the starting point for a story.  That's what this section of the website is for.

You can submit a photo and a paragraph or two explaining its significance just to appear in this section.  Or you can link it with one of the stories in the main collection of walks.  It's up to you. 

Simply go to the submit a photo section under Using the Site.

Every picture...

Cielo walk, Nerja, Andalucia, Spain - 1996

View of early morning sunlight over the clouds from near the summit of Mount Fuji

This is one of my favourite photos (writes Andrew Llanwarne). Catriona and I had been walking since 5 pm the previous evening, and this was around 12 hours later.  We had reached the top of Mount Fuji in the cold, wet darkness, and were denied a view from the summit.  We decided to go down, through the enveloping mist, and as we descended the clouds suddenly opened up to give us this wonderful view. For me, somehow, it conveys hope of a better future.