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New site features, developments and plans ~  "Web Site Story"

Sunday 15 October 2006 - another late addition to the "old" site is this story of the climb of El Teide in Tenerife, completed during a family holiday, despite a badly bruised big toe!  If you're interested in the climb, you'll find details of how to obtain the necessary permit. 

In addition, Richard Johnson has provided us with another story, this time a tough climb of Slioch in Wester Ross, the North-West Highlands of Scotland.


Tuesday 26 September 2006 - whilst the site development work is going on, another new story has come in - the first from Ireland, by Ken Wardrop.  Read about a hike up the Bens of Connemara, and how it compares with Scotland.!


Sunday 17 September 2006 - after exactly 18 months of gradually adding content to the site, it's time to make a Giant Leap Forward with the installation of a Content Management System.  This will enable users to contribute stories and photos much more easily, and there will be comment facilities as well.  It is hoped that walking clubs will also be able to have their own space on the site. 

So this latest addition to the site could be the last - the popular Tarmachan Ridge, overlooking Loch Tay (at least when it's not misty) in the Central Highlands of Scotland.  It's been a bit rushed, so there's no summary page - this will be included when it's moved to the new site, due to be launched in late October or November.  The guys at Bannerman Technology are currently working on the site design and structure, and Owen has already started copying some of the stories across.


Friday 8 September 2006 - A new contributor, Neil Kitching, has provided a story of a family hillwalk to the top of Beinn na Lap - the only Munro in Scotland that is best climbed from a railway station (Corrour).  It's close to Loch Ossian and the vast wilderness of Rannoch Moor.


Monday 21 August 2006 - A collection of Scottish walks around Crieff and Strathearn are now complete (although there is plenty of scope to add more).  This is a wonderful area for hiking, both tough climbs and easy low level routes, in Perthshire on the edge of the Scottish Highlands.

Three short walks in the countryside starting from Crieff, ranging from the shady low-level Lady Mary's Walk, the slightly hillier Hosh walk, and the short but rewarding climb of The Knock. 

These have been added to the tough climbs of Ben Vorlich and Stuc a Chroin and winter walks in Strathearn posted earlier.




Friday 11 August 2006 - Colin Wilson spent a couple of glorious days tackling the traverse of the awesome Cuillin Ridge on the Isle of Skye, in north-west Scotland. The ridge offers the most challenging mountaineering environment anywhere in the British Isles. It has no fewer than 11 munros along the route. 

Read his gripping story along with the invaluable guidance for others contemplating this undertaking.



Monday 25 July 2006 - another break in publication, but there's been plenty of walking going on!  See the second story of Ben Vorlich and Stuc a Chroin (but in reverse order, climbed from Edinample).  Starting in the rain and a cloud of midges, we completed the climb of Ben Vorlich in the sunshine. 

More to follow, from Crieff, Dunkeld, and the Fife coast.



Sunday 11 June 2006 - it's taken a while, but at long last there's another China story on the site.  In fact, there's a long walking story around Lijiang Old Town and a story of a cycling excursion out to Baisha, the main village of the Naxi people who are the main ethnic group in this area. 

The Baisha trip includes a visit to meet Doctor Ho, following in the footsteps of Michael Palin, and an encounter with another colourful character somewhere between Robin Hood and Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull.  Plus there are lots of great photos of the countryside and typical farm buildings of Yunnan, away down in South-West China.

Lijiang and Baisha provide a fascinating contrast with the traditional architecture in the last story, below.



Monday 22 May 2006 - a short walk around the historic town of Culross is the first walking story from Fife in Eastern Scotland.  It was a wonderful sunny lunchtime, perfect for photos!


Saturday 20 May 2006 - Rosslyn Chapel and Castle coverage has been updated to take account of the crucial scenes at the end of the movie of "The Da Vinci Code", released yesterday. 

And Richard Johnson has submitted a third story to the site - a recent climb of the attractive peak of Sgorr na Ciche, better known as the Pap of Glencoe, in the West Highlands overlooking Loch Leven.


Thursday 18 May 2006 - with the addition of a walking story for Monikie and Crombie Country Parks in Angus, not far from Dundee, and a map showing the locations of the 9 walks, that just about completes the collection for In and Around Dundee. Go to the Dundee Introductory Page for the full listing and other background.  There are routes up hills, through country parks, and along the seafront as well as the city centre.


Tuesday 16 May 2006 - somewhat overdue, there's now an introductory page for Perth and Perthshire, where I spent my early career in the tourist industry promoting walking, over 20 years ago.  Plus another wee walk in Dundee, taking in the Tay Railway Bridge and Magdalen Green.

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Thursday 11 May 2006 - moving down to another of Scotland's cities, stories of walks on Arthur's Seat, and around the nearby Scottish Parliament, have been added, with some great photos.


Wednesday 10 May 2006 - new stories are coming thick and fast!  Partly thanks to the glorious spring weather we've had for the past couple of weeks after the snows of March, there are some great photos to post on the site.  The coverage of Dundee has been extended further to include Baxter Park and Stobsmuir Ponds, and The Miley - an urban nature reserve that looks as though it could be deep in the countryside.  Worth a read - better still, come along to Dundee and enjoy the walks!  That snowy walk along the beach seems a long time ago (but more snow is forecast for the Scottish mountains this weekend).


Tuesday 9 May 2006 - a small collection of winter walks from the Crieff and Strathearn area on the edge of the Scottish Highlands is now complete.  These were walked in January 2006, and back in March 2003 (climb of the 2 munros Ben Vorlich and Stuc a' Chroin).  The weather conditions weren't great on either  trip, but a further visit it planned during the summer and this should result in some brighter photos.  Thanks to Alan Craig for the best photo of Ben Vorlich.

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Sunday 7 May - Variations in black and white on the existing walks at Broughty Ferry (Dundee, Scotland) have just been added, recalling the heavy snowfall on 12 March 2006 - see the Broughty Ferry and Barnhill Walk in the Snow.  And there are some new photos of the Mills Observatory and Balgay Hill, also in the Dundee section.  Coming soon - photos of Baxter Park and Stobswell Ponds in Dundee.


F riday 5 May 2006 - a story has been added about Rosslyn Chapel, near Edinburgh, to coincide with the iminent release of the film of The Da Vinci Code which was partly filmed there. And it IS a walking story - there are good walks to be enjoyed from the Chapel down to Rosslyn Castle and Roslin Glen and beyond.  A linked page covering Roslin Glen will be posted very soon (completed the following day).


Sunday 30 April 2006 - an important milestone, after quite a while putting together some ideas for a story about Kinnoull Hill in Perth, it finally appears.  This is a prominent feature for people passing Perth by car or train, with its crags rising up above wooded slopes, and it's a splendid place for gentle walks and more strenuous climbs.


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Saturday 29 April 2006 - the Isle of Man walks are now completed.  If there's time later I can add another page of photos of some of the many wildflowers we saw, and other photos from around the island.  As it is, this should provide anyone who hasn't been to the island with a pretty good impression of what it's like.  A fine place for a relaxing walking holiday - a little different from England or Scotland, but not too unfamiliar!

Tuesday 25 April 2006 - work has been underway during the past month writing up walks from a visit to the Isle of Man last summer.  The introductory pages are now posted on the site, and the walking stories will follow shortly.  It's a kind of variation on the North of England, with delightful hills, little wooded glens, and superb cliff walks made extra special by the abundance of wild flowers.


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The final section of the path to the top of El Teide

The final section of the path to the top of El Teide

Surveying the Tarmachan hills

Surveying the Tarmachan hills from Meall Garbh

Lady Mary's Walk - returning to Crieff on the Laggan Road

Lady Mary's Walk, Crieff

View of Soay from the Cuillins

View of Soay from the Cuillins in Skye, Scotland

Walking through the streets of Lijiang Old Town, in Yunnan, China

Walking through the streets of Lijiang Old Town, in Yunnan, China

Striking colours of the old houses in Culross, Fife

Striking colours of the old houses in Culross, Fife, Scotland

Monikie Country Park, Angus

Monikie Country Park, Angus

Front of the Scottish Parliament and the silhouette of Salisbury Crags, Edinburgh

Front of the Scottish Parliament and the silhouette of Salisbury Crags, Edinburgh

Cherry trees in blossom, Stobsmuir, Dundee

Cherry trees in blossom, Stobsmuir, Dundee

Broughty Ferry Beach, 12 March 2006

Walking on Broughty Ferry Beach, 12 March 2006

Kinnoull Hill from the east

Kinnoull Hill from the east

Looking towards Port Erin on the Isle of Man from Bradda Head

Looking towards Port Erin on the Isle of Man

from Bradda Head