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New site features, developments and plans ~  "Web Site Story"


to the end of March 2006


Saturday 25 March 2006 - there are some uplifting photographs from a new contributor, Alan Craig, from a winter climb of Stob Ghabhar in the West Highlands of Scotland.

Saturday 18 March 2006 - today's the FIRST ANNIVERSARY of Walking Stories - one year since the site was put on-line.  It seems to have been there for a long time already, and it's certainly taken up a lot of time and effort.  Visitor numbers aren't great yet, but the numbers of hits are increasing, and there are more links from other sites as well which should boost visibility and visits. 

To mark this auspicious day, I've finished off the small set of Oswestry walks - a short easy one around Colemere Country Park near Ellesmere, and a longer hike taking in a section of Offa's Dyke, from Chirk Castle (in Wales) before turning back to Oswestry.  Have a read, and let us know what you think.  Better still, send us a story of your own!

Monday 13 March 2006 - at last a start has been made on England, with a story from Oswestry (actually almost in Wales!).  There will be more to come.

Saturday 11 March 2006 - still slow going, but there's a new Scottish walking story, of a walk up Birnam Hill in the snow - a lesson in how not to navigate!  And an extra story about Dumyat, near Stirling.

Friday 24 February 2006 - slow progress in the past couple of weeks, with some drafting of stories but no new pages posted, until today!  Now you can see a selection of photos from a trek in the Lares Valley, Peru, organised by Bill Cook in September 2005. 

Some good news in terms of promoting the site - Visit Scotland has included Walking Stories on its links page, and so has the John Muir Trust, which helps to conserve the wild qualities of Scotland's mountains for the future (see the Charities page).

Monday 6 February 2006 - I had some problems with loading the photos in the latest story, but this seems to have been sorted and you can now read about the story of the Easywalking Group's climb of Stuchd an Lochain at the weekend just passed - this is almost a record for speed of posting (still just held by the Perth Jugglers Walk).  Stuchd an Lochain is away at the end of Glen Lyon, in the heart of the Scottish Highlands, and we had a treat when the clouds disappeared as we approached the summit! 

And as if one sunny climb above Glen Lyon wasn't enough, there's a second one from a couple of years ago - covering the circuit of Carn Gorm, Carn Mairg and two other munros climbed from Invervar.  A great place to go for some relatively secluded, not too difficult, yet still impressive climbs.

Tuesday 31 January 2006 - inevitably the flow of material has slowed with the return to work after New Year!  However, there are two new Scottish walks on the site -

  • a climb of Ben Ledi from 2 years ago, meeting a Highland cow on the way, and
  • a recent circular walk around Glen Lednock meeting a reclusive red squirrel and seeing the natural power of water crashing into the Deil's Cauldron.

In addition, there's now a page of links to Scottish walking websites. We're hoping to get some reciprocal links back from some of them, to boost the profile of Walking Stories.

Saturday 7 January 2006 - having a long winter break from work certainly helps in catching up on some new stories!  Another collection of fascinating walks from last summer's visit to China has just been posted, based at the old town of Dali in Yunnan in the south-west.  Probably the best photos showing some aspects of life in a rural area of China. That means that all the harder routes from China are on the site now - the remaining walks are around the cities and sightseeing locations. These will be added over the next few weeks.  To check the list of China walks and locations, go to the China map.

And we received a boost when Matthew Parris, the journalist and broadcaster, kindly agreed to the use of walking stories from his latest book, "A Castle In Spain", on the site.  This marks a significant improvement in the literary style!  No photos, but you don't need them with this quality of writing.  He describes the Grandes Rutas, the scenery of Catalunya and the High Pyrenees, and how he came upon the ruined manor house at l'Avenc which he and members of his family have now painstakingly restored.

Friday 6 January 2006 - there are two new China walks to read, with lots of great pictures - the Great Wall at Simatai, and Qingcheng Shan near Chengdu.

Thursday 5 January 2006 - a winter walk up Glas Tulaichean in the Southern Highlands of Scotland has been captured in a new story, accompanied by some impressive panoramic photos.  There's also a new page setting out guidance on Countryside Access in Scotland, based on the new Outdoor Access Code introduced in 2005, and a Wise Walking page with tips on safety, navigation and equipment. 

Whilst people seem to be positive about the idea of this site, we haven't had much written feedback so far, but some of the comments received have on a new feedback pageWhy not send us your comments and suggestions for improving the site?

Sunday 1 January 2006 - a page of memories of walks in Dumfries and Galloway, South-West Scotland, has just been completed.  It's accompanied by recent photos from Newton Stewart and the Galloway Forest Park, but if you have walking stories and photos from the region these would be welcome.

Friday 30 December 2005 - at last, the final two walks from Dundee have been added.  These cover Camperdown Country Park and Templeton Woods, and Dundee Law and Balgay Hill. There's now a great selection of easy and more strenuous walks listed in and around the City of Dundee, with lots of local attractions to visit as well.

Wednesday 28 December 2005 - an introduction page has been added for Angus, one of the areas of Eastern Scotland providing a wide variety of walks from coastal cliffs and small towns to the Cairngorm mountain tops.

Tuesday 20 December 2005 - a new feature on the site is the inclusion of historic and literary walks.  The first two have been contributed by Norman Watson, drawing on his archive of material from antiques articles for the Dundee Courier newspaper.  There's also a new link to the site of the Newton Stewart Walkfest, to be held in the Galloway Forest Park from 12-14 May 2006 (see photo).

Sunday 27 November 2005 - a new China walk has been added - Qingcheng Hou Shan, up one wooded gorge and down another, with a mountain-top temple and lots of statues along the way!  And all on a concrete path that looks like it's made of wood.

Sunday 20 November 2005 - a flurry of activity! That's the full set of walks around Tromsø in Norway completed, including a hill walk with great views over the city and the island it stands on, and easier walks to a nearby lake and the main city museums.

Saturday 19 November 2005 - Richard Johnson has submitted another story from Central Scotland - the Pentland Hills, near Edinburgh.  A great way to escape from the city for a few hours.

Friday 18 November 2005 - the first "Every Picture Tells a Story" featured walk, covering Cielo, near Nerja in Andalucia, Spain.  It has special significance for shaping the ideas which eventually resulted in this website.  There's only a couple of photos - but one of them is a cracker!

Monday 14 November 2005 - Colin Wilson has sent in his second walk - covering the wilderness of Rannoch Moor - it's a bit different!

Saturday 12 November 2005 - that's the complete set of 5 Kefalonia walks finished now.  A great feeling.  It reminds you how much you can get out of a week's holiday!  What's next? Finishing off China, Dundee and Tromsø, plus several Scottish walks to be added.

Monday 7 November 2005 - feels like slow progress just now with the Kefalonia walks, but 3 of the 5 which have been drafted.  At long last the Paliki walk ("Sally's walk") is now posted (and on Tuesday the Sami walk has been added as well).  A new development is the use of panoramic photos on the site for these walks - Catriona showed me how to use Canon PhotoStitch.  It does however reveal how some of the photos were taken at an awkward angle!

Saturday 29 October 2005 - Andrew Lyon has submitted a summary of the new Public Health Pioneers Trail in Glasgow, set up by the Centre for Population Health.

Sunday 23 October 2005 - set up a News Archive page to cover the first 6 months of the site (plus a couple of weeks) - it was established on 18 March.  The first background material on Kefalonia is now posted - there are still several walks to be written up and added.  Somehow it seems easier to write up the most recent experiences, whilst the dozen extra stories about China are a big task sitting there in the background.   Need to get through them one by one, as with the Japanese walks 6 months ago.

Friday 14 October 2005 - finally, the inconsistent font sizes in the left-hand navigation bar have been tidied up, thanks to the efforts of Lynn at the Business Gateway.  Looks much better.

6-13 October 2005 - no site developments - on holiday in Kefalonia!

4 October 2005 - what seemed like a significant but small step forward - when entering "walking stories" into Google, the site actually comes up top of the list of several million!   Just shows how much coverage of walking of all types there is already on the web.

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Walking beside the Shropshire Union Canal, next to Colemere, near Oswestry

Walking beside the Shropshire Union Canal, next to Colemere, near Oswestry

Scottish cultural representatives arrive in Peru

Scottish cultural representatives arrive in Peru

The mist begins to clear from the summit of Stuchd an Lochain

The mist begins to clear from the summit of Stuchd an Lochain in Perthshire, Scottish Highlands

A great day on the Great Wall of China

A great day on the Great Wall of China

Wintry sunlight on the climb of Glas Tulaichean

Wintry sunlight on the climb of Glas Tulaichean

Mountain top (Dreish) seen from Jock's Road, Angus

Evening light on Dreish mountain top seen from Jock's Road in Angus

Crossing a bridge in Five Dragons Gorge, Qincheng Hou Shan

Crossing a bridge in Five Dragons Gorge, Qingcheng Hou Shan

Midnight Sun, near Tromsų

Midnight Sun, near Tromsø

Pentland Hills, near Edinburgh

Pentland Hills, near Edinburgh

At a hilltop overlooking Sami in Kefalonia

At a hilltop overlooking Sami in Kefalonia