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South America

We're delighted to receive a contribution from Kev, a new member who has completed the Classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.  Read all about it!

And to complement Kev's story, here's a striking image by Michael Gale from his visit to Machu Picchu in September 2005. 

There are unlimited hiking trails to choose from in this continent that stretches from the tropics almost to the Antarctic, with the lofty Andes and the vast Amazonian Rainforest and the Chilean desert somewhere in between. 

If you live in South America, or have visited and enjoyed a walk or two - why not submit a story of your own?


Glue-sniffing llama at Machu Pichu (photo by Michael Gale)

Glue-sniffing llama at Machu Picchu (photo by Michael Gale)