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Finding a Story

This is where you will find the main content of the site - the walking stories themselves.

All you need to do is pick a continent from the menu, and a list of countries will appear.

Select a country, and you will find a list of the walking stories to choose from.

We have classified each walk according to the type, so you can select:

  • High hills and mountains
  • Countryside paths and easy hills
  • City and town walks
  • Eventually we hope some of you will submit a few long-distance treks as well.

If the country of your choice is not listed, we don't have any stories from there yet, sorry - it's still a very new website!  If you are going there yourself, we would be pleased to receive a story from you: tell us what it was like, and what the most memorable hiking experiences were. Share a few of your best photos with us.

View of Grossglockner and the Hohe Tauern, Austria
view of Grossglockner and the Hohe Tauern, Austria

Remember, the walks are not restricted to tough mountain hikes. There are stories for anyone who enjoys walking even for short distances around city streets or along riversides.  If you have just got back from exploring a historic town or major city, why not submit a story about it?