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Terms and Conditions for Contributors

Any member of Walking Stories can submit stories for publication on the walkingstories.com website, and can make input to the discussion forum (once it is operational).  Submission of an application for membership implies acceptance by the applicant of the terms and conditions on which content is submitted.  These terms and conditions are as follows:

Accuracy and code of conduct

  1. The contributor must make every effort to ensure that the information provided is accurate (although estimates of the distance, height climbed and time taken for walks are accepted as approximate.  Different individuals will take different times, according to their fitness, the weather conditions, and the number of breaks taken).
  2. The contributor should not include anything that may be regarded as defamatory, as regards the actions or intentions of third parties such as holiday operators or tour guides.
  3. Nor should the contributor include anything that is unreasonably favourable to one commercial interest or another, such that it may reasonably be regarded as misleading by another user of the site.
  4. The contributor agrees that Walking Stories retains editorial control, both to accept stories for publication, and to amend details where we deem it necessary.
  5. If any legal action arises as a result of content supplied by a contributor, the contributor remains responsible for the content, and cannot transfer legal responsibility to Walking Stories.  The contributor should have regard to the legal position in jurisdictions other than Scotland, for example his or her own country, when submitting content for publication.
  6. If a member submits content which is demonstrably inaccurate, defamatory or likely to cause offence, he or she will be notified of this, and the content will be withdrawn from the site.  Walking Stories reserves the right to terminate the membership of anyone who, in our sole judgement, we determine is acting contrary to the interests of Walking Stories and our other members and site users.

Copyright and reuse of content


  1. The contributor agrees to the sharing of copyright with Walking Stories for content submitted for publication on walkingstories.com.  This allows the contributor to continue to use the material elsewhere as he or she wishes.  However, Walking Stories may also use the material published on walkingstories.com in other ways, for example in related publications or merchandise.  Where revenue is generated through the use of content arising out of publication on walkingstories, the revenue will be divided 50:50 between the contributor of the content and Walking Stories.
  2. The contributor may not supply content which is the copyright of others, such as maps or photographs, or descriptions of walks.  Quotations from other sources should be credited accordingly. 
  3. The Walking Stories logo may not be reproduced elsewhere without our agreement; however, we will normally permit its use by members where it is in keeping with the objectives of the company and the development of the wider Walking Stories community.
  4. Content on walkingstories.com is either the sole copyright of Walking Stories, or copyright is shared with the contributor, and content may not be reproduced elsewhere without our written agreement (except for reuse of his or her content by the contributor concerned).

Changes to the Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions may be amended from time to time, and we will publish any such changes in the News section, as well as highlighting them on this page.  It is the responsibility of members to check for any changes.

view down to the river in Glen Lyon, Perthshire, Scotland

Glen Lyon, Perthshire, Scotland