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See the Two Sisters Story of Tiger Leaping Gorge by Gong Ying


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Tiger Leaping Gorge, Yunnan, China


Tiger Leaping Gorge has become a well-known hike for walkers visiting China, recently publicised by Michael Palin in his BBC "Himalaya" series. If you do the full route, it can take 2-3 days, but you can cut it short (like we did) and still get an appreciation of the grandeur of the scenery.  It really is an awesome experience, and we didn't even get to the narrowest section! (but see the Two Sisters Story of the full hike)

  • The most memorable aspect was the sheer size and depth of the gorge, with Jade Dragon Snow Mountain rising high above
  • The worst bit were the precipitous edges to the path - although the path was safe
  • It was a great walk for meeting other people from around the world 
  • A word of warning is set out early to avoid the midday heat, and take plenty of water
  • I was surprised to find villages along the route, with a number of places to sleep and get food and drink 

Read the full story of the walk with lots of photos

(it was 2 days of walking, and there are 2 pages of walking story and hiking pictures)

Contributed by:  Andrew Llanwarne

Owen and Catriona entering the Gorge

Entering the Gorge with contrasting headgear

Key Facts

Location Near Lijiang, Yunnan, South-West China
When it was walked June 2005
Walk type High hills and mountains
Difficulty Requires mountaineering skills and lots of stamina
Distance approx

We did about 16 km (10 miles) to Halfway House and down to the road

Qiaotou to Walnut Grove around 28 km (17 miles)

Height climbed approx 800m (2600 ft)
Time taken approx one-and-a-half days
Map used if any Lonely Planet sketch map, Sean's Guide Map
Source of info on walk Lonely Planet, talesofasia.com, Gorged Tiger Cafe (Qiaotou)
Getting there 2 hrs 30 mins bus ride from Lijiang to Qiaotou
Places to stay Various guest houses in Qiaotou and along the trail. We stayed at Naxi Family Guest house at Nuoyu village
Places to eat/ buy food Qiaotou and guest houses