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Tokyo is a real megalopolis – an enormous city stretching out in all directions as far as the eye can see from a city centre vantage point.  This is not one single walk, but a few snippets from a short stay in Tokyo, to give some idea of what it’s like to visit as a tourist and get around on foot (in between train and metro journeys).

  • I’ll remember most the skyscraper view of the city and the super-efficient public transport.
  • The best bit for me was that feeling of energy and vitality in a city that is really “buzzing”.
  • The worst bit was when Catriona jumped on a train and I missed it.
  • The funniest bits were the hair styles of some youths, and the constant use of mobile phones.
  • A word of warning for other visitors would be to study the metro station wall maps carefully and work out just where you want to get to.
  • Scary bits? Just the panic over a lost locker key.
  • I didn’t expect to find the replica of the Eiffel Tower close to our hotel.

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Contributed by:  Andrw Llanwarne

Tokyo Tower at night

Tokyo Tower at night

Key Facts

Location Tokyo, Japan
When it was walked July 2003
Walk type City and town walks
Difficulty Suitable for anyone who enjoys an easy walk
Distance approx Variable
Time taken approx Various walks and journeys spread over 3 days
Map used if any Tokyo Sightseeing and Shopping map (free from hotels)
Source of info on walk Lonely Planet Guidebook
Getting there Tokyo metro and train network
Places to stay Shiba Park Hotel – many others to choose from
Places to eat/ buy food Wide choice of Japanese and western cuisine, and fast food